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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 21, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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next on fox 45 early edition. the bottle tax is dead. what city hall could decide to tax instead. arson in a small maryland town, the other crime concealed by the flames. a woman laying in a pool of blood at preakness at the hands of police. the scuffle off camera that led to the incident. good morning. yoyou're taking a live look over i-95, still a dark morning but i tell you what, it's a warm one and heaping up to be a beautiful day. good morning, welcome to fox 45 morning news.
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because it is friday, that means it's our face book feedback. it's your turn to sound off at our facebook feedback segment. we want to start your weekend off right so the first two fox 45 fans to post the code word on our facebook wall, will win a great prize. just go to faceboo facebook.comx baltimore. how is the weather shaping up. meteorologist steve fertig to tell us how the weather is shaping up. look for a temperature of 64 degrees starting out in baltimore. it's definitely a good-looking start to the day. 61 degrees for hagerstown, and 53 in salisbury. and we're looking for -- hey, you know what, i lost a mic. >> we will get it for you.
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>> i don't know where it is. oh, there it is. i don't know where it is. thank you. okay. you know what, let's do it this way. >> there. >> 64 degrees in baltimore. wild start to the weekend. 53 in salisbury and we will be looking at temperatures that will be climbing today more so than yesterday into the mid-80s. in baltimore a little bit of a cloud cover. 80s for today and low pressure is going to move in, bring us a chance of some showers with maybe even some thunderstorms for the weekend. today 85, and just warm. here is candace dold with the traffic edge and i will try to figure out my mic. >> reporter: all right, i think my mic is on. if you are heading out and hitting the roadways we want to show you what it's like out there. here is 97, and there's light activity. that's the case on the beltway. the outer loop lanes taking it from 95 toward 83, an 11-minute
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ride, 53 miles per hour. and there's an 11 minute clip from 83 up 795. taking from 795 toward 95, nothing to worry about, 11 minutes, 54 miles per hour. that's a look at morning travels. megan, back over to you. thanks, candace. it's tax season for the city of baltimore and there's a tug-a-war over what to tax. joel d smith is live at the city of baltimore where councilmembers think they can meet the numbers in their own way. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, megan. the city council thinks they can do this in their own way. they have stopped the mayor's idea of the a bottle tax that would have raised $11 million. and they have relaced with taxing the parking, and the poker machines. they could soon be taxed up to
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$5,200 per machine. yesterday the council taxation. they promised to approve the tax getting to the revenue. the mayor thinks that number could be close to $50 million, really needed to avoid the cuts to the police city. they want to fine anybody who has an illegal operating in the city. that in itself could create a problem. >> glaglamglaglam blears would u have a machine in the back room. >> if we're going to i have meaningful conversation, we can't do to through press conference. >> reporter: the mayor hasn't reviewed the council's plan but
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no matter how they get the money, the mayor says she needs $22 million otherwise jobs could be a as a result. a million dollars will be generated from the billboard tax. a million dollars from the oversize truck, and a million dollars from the video pocker. add it up, you're still millions short from what the bottle tax would have brought in. joel d smith, fox 45 morning early edition. a 2 years old is struck by a vehicle at west baltimore. it happened after 7:15 at north carry street. the little boy was taken to shock trauma. no word on his injuries or how the incident occurred. anne arundel police are on high alert after two teenage girls are almost kidnapped near their school. the first girl was approached for a ride. the second grabbed as a man walked by. when she pulled away from him,
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the suspect left in a dark blue honda. >> here is what we're doing. we doing more patrols around the schools. we're doing more patrols in the areas where the kids walk back and forth to the schools in those neighborhoods and at the school bus stops. investigators are looking for a man in his 30s of hispanic origin about 6 feet tall. police believe that a man abducted on wednesday night has been murdered. officers found a body inside of a minivan near el dorado avenue yesterday morning. the victim has been shot and killed. the van matches that description of the minivan involved in wednesday's abduction. the victim has not been identified. a man is convicted of first-degree murder in a march 2009 fight that turned deadly. benjamin shorter was found guilty yesterday. prosecutors say he assaulted
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franklin inside of a bathroom in tavern in catonsville. he died of a heart attack, it was the direct result of stress caused by that beating. his lawyer is already planning an appeal. family fight to bring a killer to justice. they holding a rally at 4:00 this afternoon at the corner of north howard. that is where julio gonsalez was struck and killed. the driver didn't stop. organizers of the rally are hoping that anybody with information is inspired to come forward for and they're also asking the driver to turn in him or herself. they say the sign violates size restrictions. however for a brief period of time, yesterday, colbey thought he had the okay to put the sign back up while the county reconsidered. it turns out that wasn't the
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case. colbey would still face a fine or jail time if the sign went back up. now he is thinking about taking legal action. >> this is a free speech, an individual rights issue that has to do with every single citizen of baltimore county regardless of politic affiliation. >> today it's put a smaller sign. tomorrow it's don't talk to mondays and wednesdays, and only say what is all right with the government when the government says it's all right to do so. that is not america. >> given concerns that have been recently raised. the county attorney is re-evaluating on the decision to the campaign signs. stay tuned with fox 45 morning news for coverage on this continuing story. we will talk to steve colbey on the size of that job. 600 jobs will be no more as gp morgan announces it's closing
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its credit center. the workers will be moved to other chase locations. the fight over a proposed slots parlor at arundel's mills mall is headed to court. the corinitia cordish company ie board of elections claiming it's overlooking a petition against the slots casino. a trial is expected to begin on monday. hands on cell phones will be off-limits for maryland drivers. governor o'malley signed a new bill, to ban the use of hand cell phones while driving. the law is only a secondary offense. meaning the police can only pull over a driver who is seen breaking another law. the law will help, but it's not the real problem. >> the aaa foundation for traffic safety released a study that shows talking on a cell phone whether it's hands held or
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hands free qaw dropple quadrupls chances of getting in a crash. >> the fine $40 for the first offense. today is the last day to bid on a memorial sculpture in emits berg recrates the historic moments when 3 firefighters raised a flag on ground zero. the sculpture is on ebay with a starting bid of $500,000. so far no takers. the sculpture is, auctioned off because it was paid off with money from a ponsy scheme. senate democrats get a handful of republicans. the passing of a bill that aims to regulate the financial industry. >> the senate passes a sweeping overhaul of financial industry regulation, designed to clamp down on banks and increase the
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security in the banking. >> they can no longer gamble away people's money. >> the goal is not to punish the banks but to perfect the large -- protect the larger economy and the people. >> millions of people lost their jobs, their homes, and trillions of dollars of wealth. the american people expect more and certainly deserve more, i i believe, from us. >> reporter: the vote was 59-39 before the republicans joining the majority. >> i'm grateful of those courageous republicans who helped us. they haven't always been with us, but on issues like today, they step forward and i really appreciate and admire what they did. >> reporter: two democrats opposed the bill, wisconsin and ria kentwell of washington. both called it too weak.
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the bill must be merged with the house version passed in december. >> the house and is the senate must iron out the differences between the two bills. there's no doubt that during that time the financial industry and their lobbyists could continue fightin >> reporter: there's no doubt that the bill may still leave the financial system vulnerable to a collapse. oil washing up to the louisiana coast is hitting beaches more than 100 miles a ways from that spill. the louisiana governor bobby gin gindel is concerned about the chemicals being used to disperse the oil. >> let's be clear the oil is here, we're not talking about tar balls ore mulls fide oil, we are talking that the heavy oil is here on the louisiana coast.
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>> officials want the army corps of engineer to build a plan to build sand barriers to block the oil from reaching delicate coastal wetlands. maryland senators wants president obama to block drilling off the louisiana coast. they are especially concerned about drilling in the atlantic after the oil spill desaster on the gulf of mexico. they say a similar mishap could hurt national security because virginia is a crucial operational and testing area for the navy. a physical altercation between police and a woman at the preakness. >> you cannot go punching police officers. >> the scene that led up to the incident. a mild start as you head out this morning with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. we
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[ male announcer ] the volkswagen cc. award-winning design starting under $28,000. it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. award-winning design starting under $28,000. >>waking up to a warm start this friday morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here to let us know what the
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temperatures are ringing in at. we are starting off in temperatures in the low 50s and 60s. we are going to warm up from here. as we scan the area, dry conditions once again. keeping an eye on the showers around the midwest, a low pressure center that is going to bring us showers. that could bring us a chance for a shower or tomorrow ove thunder the weekend. southwest winds 3 miles an hour and 73% relative humidity, 30.0, and rising on the barometer and 35 is the dew point. 64 degrees not a bad place to start in baltimore. 69 degrees in d.c., cooler there, but not bad. bee in salisbury. 61 mild degrees in hagerstown. oakland at 59. a lot of people headed for the 80s as high pressure slides to the south and east, to get more of a southeasterly flow and that southeasterly flow is going to bring more moisture for later today but not until then. a look for cloudy skies, until
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then, sun and clouds mixed with the 80s for much the area and the low is what bears watching because that could be bringing us the shower chances this week. now that frontal boundary associated with the low, the low front and the cold front will be weakening off. and the high pressure slides to the southeast. with that passing front we may have a shower to deal with or even a thunderstorm in the afternoon hours, especially on saturday and on sunday a possibility. beyond that, the high pressure building back in as we head back in to the beginning of the workweek. we look at temperatures that are warming up after we cool down for the cool down. we are looking for 80s turning into 70s for the weekend. we will be back into the 80s again as we start the workweek on monday. 80 degrees in the eastern shore with a south wind at 5-10 miles per hour. and a mix of sun and clouds for the central part of the state where we get up to 85 degrees. southeast wind at 5-10 miles per
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hour. look points west for a high temperature there, still rather warm, 80 degrees with mostly clear skies. again the clouds will be moving in earlier into the late afternoon, maybe there. 59 degrees for the overnight low, mostly cloudy skies, that's mild, though for this time of year. southeast winds at 5-10 miles per hour. watch how quickly it warms up 81 by noontime, and a few more clouds moving in later. 81 degrees at 6:00 p.m. after hitting the high of 85 at 3:00 this afternoon. a shower or thunderstorm chance is there for the afternoon and then a better chance on just slightly better chance on sunday 74 degrees for the high. 78 degrees for monday as temperatures begin to climb back up again, and a shower chance for monday but just a chance. 82 degrees on tuesday, partly cloudy and postally clear for mh wednesday and thursday. sky watch i radar is available at your finger tips.
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you can use fox's powerful doppler radar to track incoming storms. interactive tools will let you know when rain or thunderstorms will be over your house. go to and click i-on radar. now for a look at what is happening on the roads as you head out this morning. candace dold is here with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thanks steve. on the beltway at 61 miles per hour traveling through catonsville and near security boulevard. at 53 traveling through pikesville. now let's talk about 95 this morning traveling through whitemarsh and show you exactly what that area looks like. here it is, you can see a few cars that are starting to fill up those lanes, but so far favorable conditions, northbound, southbound stretch all the way down toward the beltway. and then once you finally do approach the beltway, checking it out at harford road for you this morning, here it is, an enjoyable ride, inner and outer loop lanes down toward the 83. speaking of the yeez, let's chec83s, here it ischeck it aboe
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traffic is flowing freely in both directions of the that's a look at morning travels, megan back to you. still ahead, the dow takes a huge plunge. what experts believe is behind the fall. >> you cannot go punching police officers. >> a woman accused of assaulting a police officer at the preakness. how the
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a police officer potches a woman at the preakness and it's all caught on youtube. crime and justice reporter joy lapapala finds out if the officr used excessive force. >> reporter: by that point, police were done throwing punches and ana was going to jail along with her boyfriend mark. >> you can't go punching people and you cannot go punching police officers. >> reporter: the officer seemed struggling with shohoba had seen ana go up and punch a guy in the face. he as they tried to arrest her, that is when she punched one of them. police became physical punching her in the mouth not once but twice. they didn't want to use taser because of the big crowd.
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>> it's too much alcohol. things get out of hand but we can't tolerate silliness like that at the racetrack. >> reporter: what you don't see on youtube is what led up to this. fox 45 found an eyewitness from new jersey who watched the scene unfold. >> she began punching the smaller cop and then the other cop came around and she was attacking both of them and after that happened, her -- the guy who was there before, he ran and jumped on one of the officer's back and that is how a customer who was standing there. he got the guy off the police officers back. that when they attempted to restrain her and that is when the video actually began. >> reporter: those police officers work in internal affairs a division that launched an investigation of their own. >> everyone appears to be justified. >> reporter: as for ana and her boyfriend they have been
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contact with an attorney. joy lapapala. >> some people say that police erased portions of the fight. police deny that. we will talk to police steve allen about the legality of that video. na is coming up in the 7:00 hour. maryland attorney general comments on arizona new immigration law. why one state delegate believes his words were ir
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stocks struggle on wall street as greece's debt toll on stocks. the dow lost 376 points the biggest daily plunge in more than a year. struggling job markets hit europe hammering stocks here and there. the dow is underwater for a year and has formally corrected from its high. and the number of people spiking by 2500 last month that is the biggest increase. freddy mac saying the average loan of a 30 year loan is below 4.5%. sales topping $6 million in
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three months. staples now saying that it's looking for growth as the economy improves is here. wal-mart is recalling a million ge coffee makers. thdozens of people claiming the appliances are over heating, smoking and even starting fires. coming up the national intelligence director will leave his post today. why some say his resignation exposes a security weakness. i'm joel d smith live at ci so, what do you think?
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welcome back to fox fry early edition. you're taking a live look from city hall this morning. the weather i sun is starting t. and the weather will be warmer today. good morning, i'm megan gilliland. it's friday, and that means it's your turn to sound off on facebook about anything you want. let us know what is on your mind and your response could air


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